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#GalaxyBudsPro gives you immersive sound like never before.

With 2-way speakers, you’re able to hear every note as it was meant to be heard.
And unlike any other earbuds, Galaxy Buds Pro not only offers nearly perfect noise canceling but also senses your voice and uses an AI Algorithm to automatically turn down your music down when you speak.
Its 4 levels of ambient sound let you determine how much of the outside world you let in, without turning down your volume.
Also, these smart earbuds offer you 360 Audio when paired with Galaxy S21. Thanks to Dolby Head Tracking technology, you can move in any direction and always be immersed in the action.
Besides, it has three mics and a wind shield solution, so you’ll hear and be heard wherever you go.

With Galaxy Buds Pro, now, what you hear is up to you.

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