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Flash firmware on any Samsung phone with Odin, this includes installing Samsung stock ROMs. This is a complete guide that is 100% Free and easy to do. I show you how to flash your Samsung firmware to a different CSC region. I show you how not to get stuck while you are flashing the firmware on your Samsung phone and how to avoid a few issues that I encountered while installing Samsung stock ROM on my Samsung phone.
You do not need to Root your phone to complete this Samsung firmware flash.

Get yourself the newest Samsung Phone:

Steps to flash any Samsung phone:
1- Find your model of phone: Setting- About Phone
2- List of CSC Codes:
3- Find your new firmware & download it:
4- Download Odin:
5- If changing CSC regions download Odin3b Patched:
6- Populate Odin with the firmware files.
7- Google/Android sync for backups:
8- Google Photos for backing up pictures:
9- Backing up your samsung phone:
10- Put the Samsung phone into download mode and reboot again back to download mode.
11- Plug your Samsung phone into your computer only, not a usb hub or anything else.
12- Press start in Odin
13- Cry and scream in joy, like the vid, tell me how it went!

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