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Samsung’s Find My Mobile is a free service you can access via your Samsung account that allows you to locate, remotely backup and wipe data from a registered Galaxy mobile device.
Learn how to use Find My Mobile to locate and manage a lost device.

How to use Samsung Find My Mobile:
0:28 Set up Find My Mobile
0:49 Send your device’s last location
0:59 Turn on offline finding
1:19 Remotely unlock your device
1:30 Locate a lost device
2:03 Remotely view network connectivity and battery life
2:11 Ring at maximum volume
2:25 Lock your device, prevent power-off or display a contact number
2:57 Track your device’s location
3:07 Erase or back up data
3:30 Extend battery life
3:44 Unlock your device without a pin or password
4:00 Get notified if your device connects to a network

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