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Review of Samsung’s Galaxy Buds, the best wireless earbuds that I’ve tested up to 2019. With their compact, lightweight design and fantastic sound quality, these are my new favourite Bluetooth earphones – easily as good as the Apple Airpods or other rivals.

First up, these are the most comfortable of all the truly wireless options I’ve reviewed. The Galaxy Buds sit neatly in your ear and show no signs of slippage even if you’re jogging or moshing like a mentalist. Full mosh test included for your consideration.

Pairing with Android or iPhone is a cinch, and I used the Buds with my iPhone XR for the most part, just to make sure Samsung’s gadget played nice with iOS. Sure enough, no issues with the touch controls, Siri feature and so on. Connectivity is perfect, I didn’t experience any dropouts even in very busy areas.

As for the music quality, I was absolutely smitten – audio is full-bodied despite that dinky build, with great bass, clear highs and lows and punch when you need it.

The Galaxy Buds will be released here in the UK in March for the price of just £139 – not bad at all considering how great they are.

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