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Hello & Welcome To Allsortz.
Let’s start with my previous Spot The Difference video i did which HIT OVER 1 MILLION VIEWS ( )
That video was a spot the difference between a real wireless airpods & a fake on, & it’s the most viewed video on my Allsortz Channel. SO! Here we have another one similar to that but this time it’s the Galaxy Buds+. These are SO IDENTICAL! Check out the video & make sure you share it out as ONCE IT HITS 100k VIEWS I WILL DO A FREE GIVEAWAY ON THE ORIGINAL GALAXY BUDS+, so all you need to do IS COMMENT BELOW & I will pick a WINNER when this video hits 100k. If you want to see which is real & which is fake then watch till the end as i will let you know which is fake and which is real & HOW TO SPOT THE FAKE TO THE REAL!!!
I have done unboxing & review’s for both the fake & real, link below:
Real Samsung Galaxy Buds+ Review:

Fake Galaxy Buds+:

Anyways let’s get this video to HIT MORE THAN A 100k so i can give 1 of you a REAL pair of galaxy buds+. Will it hit more than a million like the other spot the difference video??
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